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Hello, everyone. You seem to have come across Trampoline_Guns: A Sid/Cassie LJ community.

Sid and Cassie are two characters (played by Mike Bailey and Hannah Murray respectively) in the teen drama Skins. Since it's premier in January 2007 on E4, the lives of a group of 16-17 year old friends living in present day Bristol has attracted millions from all over with it's humor, cleverness, and it's display of everyday issues (eating disorders, self-harm, sex and sexuality, drug use, family, academics, and everything else the average teen has come into contact with in some way shape or form) in a realistic manner. Sid is a virgin with a big lack of self confidence and Cassie is an anorexic pill popper with a magical manic personality. Both bring the show to life and the situations they get themselves into make us yell at the screen, pull our hair out, and shriek, "JUST ADMIT YOU LOVE EACH OTHER, ALREADY!" (much to the expense of family, neighbors, and small animals).

Despite their completely different personalities, experiences, and challenges, despite everything that gets in their way, we are convinced that not only are they meant to be and WILL be together no matter what.

That is what Trampoline_Guns is: Pure Sid/Cassie lurve orgies Feel free to join if you love this pairing just as much as we do

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